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More Medicare Advantage specializes in Medicare Advantage, Supplements, and Prescription Drug Plans.

Insuring Broward and all of Florida

As an independent agent that exclusively works with leading Medicare Carriers, I offer an unbiased analysis of the marketplace; helping YOU chose a plan that fits YOUR needs.

Call a Licensed Medicare Advisor that puts your needs first. Yes, I do work with the major Medicare plans, but my goal is to help YOU choose the plan that best fits YOUR needs.

  • Discover the benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans & Supplements available to you
  • Get the expert, competent service you need for these decisions
  • Save money with a plan that is right for you and fits your budget

Here are some common questions.

  • Why so many different plans?
  • Which one is right for me? HMO or PPO?
  • Will my current doctors be in-network?
  • Do I need a referral for a specialist?
  • Will my prescription drugs be covered?

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